Top 5 Reasons to Hire A Water Damage Expert

Water damage is not a joke. It is a serious scenario with the potential of causing severe damage to your house if you don’t take action against it on time. Water damage is not just a single problem; it brings multiple other issues like property damage, bacteria growth, mold growth, electricity damage, short circuits, and many more.

Most people try to DIY fix the problems when they experience water damage. However, DIY fixtures by watching YouTube tutorials make the situation even worse. Therefore, you should always consider calling an expert water damage restoration service for any repairs or cleanups. To help you further understand the severity of water damage, we will list five reasons why hiring a water damage expert is crucial. Read on!

Causes of water damage

Water damage can happen due to countless natural and non-natural reasons. Here’s a list of some common causes of water damage:

Weather conditions

Severe weather conditions such as heavy rain, hurricanes, floods, and thunderstorms are significant causes of water damage. The water from these natural disasters can get into your house and damage your property. It can soak into your walls and ceilings, causing them to lose their structural strength and putting them at risk of collapsing. It can also damage your furniture and electrical appliances.

Pipe leaks and bursts

Water leaking from pipes in your drainage system is also a common cause of water damage. The water can leak from any minor hole in your pipe and damage your property over time. Frozen pipes or high water pressure can also result in pipe bursts which will cause a massive stream of water to leak out of the pipes and seep into your walls and ceilings.

Some people ignore leaking pipes, but the slightest pipe leaks can drip up to 57 gallons of water per week! Apart from damaging the properties, pipe leaks can also increase water and energy bills. Always keep an eye on pipe leaks, and you should call a plumber immediately to fix them.

Clogged drains and gutters

Gutters play an essential role in keeping your house safe from rainwater, but they often clog and overflow, causing water damage to your house. Waste items like leaves, moss, debris, stones, and tree branches are the leading causes of these overflows. The overflowing water can quickly get into your house and cause chaos.

Similar to gutters, the drains of your bathrooms or kitchen sink can also get clogged due to grease buildup, hair strands, soap residue, and dirt. These clogged drains can also overflow and cause severe water damage to your property and furniture.

Why do you need to hire a water damage expert?

As we discussed before, the best way to deal with water damage is to hire an expert and professional plumber who can quickly repair or clean any water damage to your property. Water damage experts are highly efficient in their jobs. Here are a few more reasons to help you convince:

Efficient repairs guaranteed

Professional water damage experts have years of experience and make no mistakes. The experts will take no time to extract the water, clean up the mess, and repair all kinds of damage caused by the water. These experts will also have sufficient and required tools for each operation. The best thing about hiring a water damage expert is that they will always find permanent solutions so you will never face the same problem again and avoid any further inconveniences.

Removing health hazards

Water damage can be extremely dangerous for your and your family’s health. The water from drains, gutters, and floods is highly contaminated with dirt, viruses, germs, and bacteria. This water can spread bacteria everywhere in your house over time, causing several health issues such as breathing, skin, eye, severe itching, and even asthma.

Water damage experts always know how to spot health hazards and adequately remove them from your home to keep you safe. They have years of experience in eliminating health hazards caused by water damage. Also, they will efficiently purify your house by locating the bacteria and removing them.

The minimum cost of restoration

Most people think hiring a highly professional water damage expert will be expensive, but that is not true. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Water damage experts take less time to repair the damages, so they will not have to do much work. They also have years of experience, which means they will not mess up any repair or cause any further damage to your property. The water damage experts will also work with your insurance providers and make further negotiations on the restoration cost.

Removal of mold and mildew

Moisture in your walls from water damage does not only ruin your property but also causes the growth of mold and mildew. The moisture produces mold, and if you don’t take action on time, the mold will continue to grow and spread. The mold further causes even more health issues, such as respiratory problems and skin irritation.

If you spot mold anywhere in your house, don’t try to remove it yourself. You won’t be able to completely get rid of it without the help of professional water damage experts. The water damage experts will have proper tools like chemical agents and cleaners to remove any mold from your house and stop it from growing in the future.

Final words

You never know when you will face water damage. Many homeowners make the mistake of fixing the water damage problems themselves and worsening the situation even more. Remember that you can never do a professional job yourself without experience.

Here at Lee’s Summit Restorations, we have a large team of professional water damage experts with years of experience extracting water and restoring your property after water damage. Our team has advanced equipment and proper knowledge to help you and your beloved homes. Our emergency services are available 24/7. So if you ever face water damage problems, you can contact us anytime, and our professionals will come to your rescue in the least time possible.